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Welcome to the course on marketing, which is one in the series of modules for the Virtual Youth Entrepreneurship Training Programme. This course provides you with the opportunity to refresh or gain basic knowledge that is required to transform a business concept or idea into reality. The goal of the Virtual Youth Entrepreneurship Training Programme is to assist young entrepreneurs to generate business ideas, develop and write a business plan, and establish a profitable enterprise and a business venture.
In this vein, the importance of marketing cannot be overemphasized.

This course on Marketing is designed to foster an understanding on the various marketing strategies and how to they can transform business ideas. This course will also provide answers to the following questions :
who your customers are and what are their needs,
where are the customers located and how to satisfy them.

How and when to make profit in the business.
How to develop effective and efficient promotion strategies that will inform and attract existing and potential customers to our business.

The course is structured into various topics/sub modules to be delivered by two facilitators from the training team as follows:
Unique value proposition
Marketing benefits vs features
Target audience
Sales forecasting.
You are invited to participate actively in course discussions and activities as this will contribute to improving your course grading.

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    Easy communication 5

    I like the simple analogy used in communicating the points, thanks moderator.
    Geoffrey Ifejika
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    Excellence Course
    Khalid Ahmed
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    Quite Enlightening 5

    Quite an Enlightening Course
    Davy Peter
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    Splendid course 5

    Wow, this course is awesome. I highly recommend it to any budding entrepreneur.
    Otega Okperigho
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    Awesome training 5

    I am grateful for this opportunity.learnt alot
    Pamela Esumei
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