Financial Literacy

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Financial literacy impacts almost every aspect in our lives today. Whether we go to the market, discuss our family budget, manage our business or prepare for retirement, our understanding of how money works has a strong effect on our quality of life.

This course aims at equipping beneficiaries with the knowledge and skills to manage their individual, household and business finances effectively, to build their confidence in using financial products and services and to strengthen their participation in the formal financial sector. A focus has been laid on owners and employees of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as other economically active segments of the Nigerian society, with a focus on the special needs of women and the youth.

What Does It Mean to Be Financially Literate?

What is Financial Literacy? It is the ability to manage your money well, keep records, plan ahead, and make informed decisions about financial products and services for your household and your business.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to

  • Manage Finances to succeed in Business
  • Manage money well and keep records
  • Contribute to wise financial decisions in household and community
  • Plan ahead
  • Make informed decisions about financial products and services

The course has been  structured in such a way that will enable you enjoy interactive training sessions on the following topics:
⦁ Needs  and Wants
⦁ Managing your money, keeping records
⦁ Financial Planning & Budgeting
⦁ Saving
⦁ Borrowing (Loans)
⦁ Investing (Let your money grow)
⦁ Managing Risk
⦁ Sending Money and Making Payment
⦁ Financial Environment
⦁ Fraud & Scam (419)
⦁ Financial Consumer Rights & Responsibilities
⦁ Financial Negotiations
⦁ My Business Finance
⦁ Paying Tax & Levies

Therefore, I invite you to join the discussion to find out more by participating actively.

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    I like the simple analogy used in communicating the points, thanks moderator.
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    Excellence Course
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    Quite an Enlightening Course
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    Wow, this course is awesome. I highly recommend it to any budding entrepreneur.
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    I am grateful for this opportunity.learnt alot
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